Alliance Sorbonne-Université

The Alliance Sorbonne-Université (ASU) brings together six institutions: Sorbonne University (merger of the Universities of Paris 6 and Paris 4), the Museum, INSEAD, the University of Technology of Compiègne, the Pôle Supérieur d'Enseignement Artistique Paris Boulogne-Billancourt, and France Education International. Four research organisations are also involved: CNRS, Inserm, Inria and IRD.

Since 2018, ASU has been the definitive holder of the SUPER Initiative of Excellence (Idex "Sorbonne University for Education and Research"), which funds many cross-disciplinary projects, the establishment of international partnerships, and the digital transformation and dissemination of knowledge. In 2020, it was the winner of two calls for projects under the Programme Investissement d'Avenir 3, in the preparation of which the Museum actively participated. One of the two, entitled "Structuring training through research in initiatives of excellence", consists of identifying major emerging and structuring scientific priorities, as well as promoting better integration of research in training. It relies on nine institutes and eleven multidisciplinary thematic initiatives involving several institutions. The second, "Integration and development of IdEx and ISITE (Initiatives for Science, Innovation, Territories and Economy), aims to strengthen the international attractiveness of universities and develop their relations with academic and socio-economic partners. Thanks to these two projects, 38 million euros over ten years have been added to the annual allocation of the Idex.

The Museum is heavily involved in several of the ASU institutes, notably the Institute for Environmental Transition, the Heritage Observatory, the Institute for Computing and Data Sciences, the SCAI (Sorbonne Center for Artificial Intelligence) and the Ocean Institute, of which it is one of the founders. The Museum is the leader of the IBEES (Biodiversity, Ecology, Evolution, Society) initiative, which aims to provide a fundamental basis for knowledge and understanding of biodiversity dynamics.

With its Alliance partners, the Museum is involved in numerous actions to transform education, support research and participatory science, open up research data and promote student life.

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