From the first orangeries of the XVII century to the current large greenhouses, the greenhouses have always been part of the landscape of the Garden of Plants. They represent the occasion of a journey to meet plants that don't like the rigor of our winters and that make a dream jungle.

Passed their art deco porch, the Grandes Serres path begins with the tropical rainforest greenhouse and the adjoining gallery devoted to arid environments, it continues with the New Caledonia greenhouse and that of the history of plants.

This biodiversity sanctuary is open to you for hosting privileged visits for your customers or employees. Its abundant nature offers you a haven where you can escape and test your creativity for the organization of your product presentations.

The Greenhouses can be combined with the Summer Garden, an adjoining outdoor space, for hosting your cocktails, dinners or your backstage.


Capacity: 250 people (200 for the Tropical Greenhouse, 50 for the New Caledonia and the History of Plants)


Product presentations (evenings and Tuesdays)

• Greenhouses: 20,000€ (excl. of VAT) + technical costs
• Greenhouses + Summer Garden package : 25,000€ (excl. of VAT) + technical costs.

Exclusive tours (evenings and Tuesdays):

• Greenhouses: 4 000€ (excl. of VAT) + technical costs (2 hours, up to 200 people)

Technical costs

The hire price does not include:

  • Technical costs: technical management, security, cleanup
  • Insurance costs
  • Costs of area occupancy for the time taken to install and dismantle 
  • Reception costs (catering, decorating, etc.)
  • Guides

Please note:
The protection of our plant collections is our priority. For product presentations, do not hesitate to contact us directly.