Venue hire

Privatising the Parc zoologique de Paris (Paris Zoological Park)

Would you like to organise a company event in an unusual setting? The Parc zoologique de Paris welcomes you into its amazing world and offers event organisers its venue spaces amongst the animals and the five biozones along the zoo tour pathway. Offer your guests a trip from the Patagonian pampas to the dry forests of Madagascar - all without setting foot outside Paris. A change of scenery for an unforgettable event.

    This large 1,000 m 2 lawn is located on the boundary between the Patagonia and Sahel-Sudan biozones. It is the ideal place to...

    La grande serre du Parc zoologique de Paris

    The wildlife park is available for private use for a self-guided tour, during the week, outside public opening hours.

    Organise your meetings, symposiums or screenings in this 70-seat hall. The Salle Achille Urbain, a practical and friendly 100 m 2...