Methods and tools for participatory sciences

The Mosaic - Methods and tools for participatory sciences service unit (Museum and Sorbonne University) offers support and digital tools for multiple research fields.

What the service offers

You are a researcher member of the SU Alliance or outside ASU, you need datasets involving communities of contributors. We offer a range of services including advice, support, monitoring, building IT systems and sharing project management.

An innovative method of data production

Mosaic promotes an original method of data co-production, based on sharing and interaction between participants, leading to both quality data and committed participants who become more skilled in the issues related to the data produced.

The support available from Mosaic ranges from co-design (or even conceptualisation for innovative projects) to the creation of participation sites (also accessible on smartphones), and includes data hosting and shared maintenance.

Who is mosaic for?

Mosaic supports researchers in all fields through partnerships: human and social sciences, ecology and environment, medical research, etc.

 In 2020, several projects were set up

  • Plages Vivantes, an observatory that aims to better understand the effects of global and local changes on maritime species, through the observation of fauna and flora and the sharing of ecological knowledge.
  • VigieTerre, a project open to all that mobilises participants to better understand the geological diversity on French territory.
  • BirdLab, a programme that takes the form of games. The aim is to observe the behaviour of birds on winter feeders, through a dynamic interface.

To find out more, visit the Mosaic website