Revivre, Extinct Animals in Augmented Reality

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Live a new experience in augmented reality to discover extinct species.

Revivre, les animaux disparus en réalité augmentée

© MNHN - SAOLA Studio

Who has never imagined walking alongside species that were once contemporary with humans, but are now extinct? This new augmented reality journey brings 11 species of animals that are today extinct or endangered back to life.

Let yourself be carried away, wandering as never before through the endangered and extinct species room of the Grande Galerie de l'Évolution (Gallery of Evolution). Here, a parade of the animals and plants that we no longer or almost no longer find on Earth today is showcased. The causes? They are most often linked to a humankind that has not always known how to preserve this nature of which it formed a part.

From the beetle to the giant tortoise, the Revivre experience gives you species that are fully modelled in 3D and animated at their actual size.

Equipped with augmented reality glasses, you find yourself transported into the daily lives and places of these animals from different continents, sometimes under the sea, in the heart of a Thai forest or in peaceful African grasslands.

The dodo, great sabre-toothed tiger, Steller's sea cow, the elephant-bird or Tasmanian tiger, like 3-dimensional holograms, these fascinating species come back to life before your eyes. But then how did they live and what were the causes of their extinction?

A voice tells you the story of these species and their interactions with humankind. Your guide? A passenger pigeon, which vanished at the beginning of the 20th century, with silvery pink wings, accompanies you from species to species. At the end of the journey, the animated species get together to give you a final wave goodbye...

This experience also sheds light on current species suffering from anthropogenic pressure and tells us about the good practices of indigenous peoples from whom we can draw inspiration. It invites us to take another look at all the species presented in the Grande Galerie de l'Évolution.

Visiting conditions: in small groups of 5 people maximum.
Duration of experience: 15 minutes

Augmented reality glasses: a technical feat for a spectacular and congenial immersive experience! Unlike the virtual reality headset, you can continue to interact with others while enjoying the beautiful scenery around you.


A project co-produced by the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle and SAOLA Studio

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