Continuing education

Do you have a project, professional or personal, and would like to carry it out at the heart of current scientific and public affairs? The Museum is a unique place for continuing education, for a public in search of scientific expertise and recognised know-how, in France and internationally.

Typical profiles

Being active in economic and social development, the Museum provides a link between higher education and the socio-professional world. It could be helpful to understand the current societal issues surrounding the Man-Nature relationship. Whether you are an employee (public or private sector), self-employed, run your own business, a job seeker or even an enlightened amateur, training at the Museum means benefiting from excellent teaching to shed light on and master these issues.

Ahead of the curve

Our continuing education programme - 23 modules designed for a variety of profiles - offers courses adapted to your objectives: to reveal and perfect your skills, to enrich your knowledge, to obtain a qualification or a diploma... Whatever the framework of your project, professional or personal, the team of supervisors is there to guide and support you.

Cours de dessin au Muséum

© MNHN - B. Jay

Animation sur l’arachnophobie par Christine Rollard

© MNHN - F.-G. Grandin

Teaching resources

By giving you access to its teams of teachers and researchers, as well as to its collections, which are among the most bountiful in the world, the Museum deploys a tailor-made educational approach that is as close as possible to research. It takes you on a journey to the heart of its activities. Between multidisciplinary theoretical courses given by experts, field activities, practical workshops and visits to sites and collections.

Key figures

  • 23 training courses currently available in the training catalogue
  • 400 people trained each year on continuing education courses
  • 163 researchers, project managers and technicians involved in continuing education
  • 16 research laboratories
  • 13 sites in France
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