Us and them: from prejudice to racism

What is race? Are we all racists? What do history and science say about this phenomenon?

With immersive scenography and numerous multimedia devices, this committed exhibition confronts the public with their own representations. At the crossroads of anthropology, biology, economics, sociology and history, and based on the latest discoveries, it examines the phenomena of racialisation and demonstrates that racism is a social construct.


How to host Us and Them: From Prejudice to Racism?

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Us and them travelling exhibit fact sheet

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The exhibition travels…

In Europe:

  • UPCOMING : La Réunion, Saint-Denis : Archives départementales, 2020-2022 - Adapted to 200m²
  • France, Nantes : Hotel du Département Loire-Atlantique, 26 March — 12 July 2019 – Adapted to 250m²
  • France, Valence : Centre du Patrimoine Arménien, 15 September — 24 Marche – Adapted to 250m²
  • France, Montpellier: Domaine départemental de Pierresvives, 9 March — 28 July 2018 followed by a tour of the department – Adapted to 300m²
  • France, Struthof: European Centre of Deported Resistance Members, Natzweiler Camp, 24 June 2017 — 21 September 2018 – Adapted to 70m²
  • France, Montreuil: CGT trade union headquarters, 12 — 19 December 2017 then on tour in the delegations – Light version
  • France, Paris: UNESCO headquarters, 19 — 26 March 2018 – Light version

In North America:

  • United States, New-York : United Nations Headquarters, and then on international roaming in United Nations Information Centres, 2020-2022 – Light version
  • Canada, Laval (Quebec): Centre of Biosciences, 17 September 2018 — 31 March 2020 – Light version adapted to 100m²

In South America:

Us and Them. From Prejudice to Racism : presentation film of the Original Exhibition in the Musée de l'Homme

Nous et les autres. Des préjugés au racisme - film de présentation