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The Sensory odyssey

From 23rd of October 2021 to 4th of July 2021

All the way from the Equator to the Far North, the “Sensory Odyssey” takes you on a journey where you will encounter the natural habitats and species that make up our planet Earth. Prepare for lift-off!

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The exhibition

Take a leap into the unknown! Let your curiosity guide you as you embark on major explorations of the tropics, through the temperate regions, and all the way to the pack ice of the arctic. Immerse yourself in natural environments that are as amazing as they are varied, giving you a whole new insight into animal and plant species.

Open up your eyes, listen carefully, and use your sense of smell! These habitats are teeming with life, activity, and astonishing interactions for you to discover and observe. During this exceptional odyssey, you will experience the wonders of nature with all your senses.

The exhibition combines ultra-high-definition projections (filmed in 8K) on giant screens with ambient sounds and smells, allowing visitors to experience successive ecosystems and species in an interplay of scale and time.

A spectacle that showcases nature

There are no less than eight natural environments to discover! Take to the skies and the oceans, passing through the canopy of tropical rainforests, the depths of the earth and the coral reefs, crossing the salt lakes of the African savannah, making your way all the way to the Arctic Circle. You will encounter numerous plants, animal, bacterial, and fungal species over the course of your journey.

Not a word will be spoken, it’s all down to the senses, and this experience will take you up close and personal with living beings. Such exploration brings species to life and reveals their subtle relationships—a life-size sensory odyssey providing a profound feeling of oneness with the living world.


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