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Every year, we publish hundreds of scientific articles and dozens of scientific books in connection with all of the Muséum’s fields of expertise. Explore this world which greatly contributes to our international reputation.

Did you know? The Muséum has also been a publishing house since 1802! Original research results, enhancing the value of the collections, expertise... we publish articles and books every year through various media. And they are many: around ten periodicals, and 9 collections of books and monographs, sometimes co-published with other large French or foreign establishments in both the public and private sectors. Our scientific publications service is responsible for producing and disseminating this work. Each title or collection is under the responsibility of an author, an expert in the field in question. The whole production process is subject to the same rigour as that of the other reputed academic publishers. All of the work is peer-reviewed, i.e., validated by experts not working at the Muséum. They are indexed, and thereby referenced by international organisations (Clarivate Analytics and Scopus), and have been attributed impact factors. The more the articles are read, shared and transmitted, the greater the journal’s impact factor, thus boosting the Muséum’s international reputation. The Muséum is committed to an open science approach: all the published articles are free to view on our website, as soon as they are published, and there is no cost for the authors either!

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