Mini-worlds set for illumination

From Monday 14 November 2022 to Sunday 15 January 2023

Become a night owl and take a spectacular nocturnal walk to explore miniature fauna.

An illuminated walk

For this new edition entitled En voie d'illumination (on a path to illumination), come and explore the infinitely small and meet the little animals that populate the meadows, ponds and forests of France, or that inhabit our bodies.

We often need something smaller than us, and so does nature! Countless tiny or microscopic species play a vital role in ecosystems. Some participate in the reproduction of plants through pollination, others in the regulation of populations through predation or the recycling of organic matter. These “little creatures” are vital, but often go unnoticed.

Dive into the heart of these mini-worlds, and explore a hundred new monumental sculptures. Another opportunity to marvel at these species, blown up to several million times their real size.

Discover familiar species such as millipedes, wood lice and glow-worms, as well as more mysterious species such as springtails, diplurids and the incredible tardigrade.

Share your beautiful night shots with the hashtag #MiniMondesilluminés

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An exhibition co-produced by the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle and China Light Festival.

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