Collection of the Harmas Jean-Henri Fabre

The Harmas Jean-Henri Fabre conserves the collection compiled by Jean-Henri Fabre, a passionate naturalist.

Jean-Henri Fabre was a great scholar born in 1823 (he died in 1915). He is notably famous for his observations of insects and plants and lived in this house for 36 years. He bought the property in 1879. It is a country farmhouse surrounded by a hectare of garden (2.5 acres) and it soon became his “open-air laboratory”.

Visitors can admire his precious collections - shells, fossils, minerals, herbariums, watercolours, books, prints and manuscripts - and some of his movable heritage. A chance to immerse oneself in the natural sciences of the 19th century.

1,300 collection pieces are held at the Harmas.

The Muséum made an inventory of and computerised 82 dried plant bundles compiled by Jean-Henri Fabre, grouping together a total of 14,000 specimens. It has been actively renovating the Harmas de Fabre since 2000, and has also restored the 600 watercolours of mushrooms painted by the former owner. Around 800 plants belonging to some 500 species have been identified and recorded in the Muséum’s database.

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