I eat, therefore I am


In the fall of 2019, we are opening a major exhibition on a hot topic: food. Je mange donc je suis will make you discover the biological, cultural and ecological aspects of our food.

How does eating, a vital daily action, also shape our identities through cultural practices, rituals and taboos? What role has food played in our evolution? Can we talk about "gendered" foods? What are the environmental impacts accompanying the production of the resources needed to feed humankind today and those of tomorrow?

The "home-made" exhibition I eat, therefore I am brings the general public an easy to understand overview of the research carried out by scientists from the National History Museum in areas as varied as the development of taste, table manners, gastro-diplomacy, agricultural models, culinary heritage, meat consumption, GMOs and the food eaten by our ancestors.

The exhibition combines underlying themes, debates and "surprise" topics with the abundant presentation of prestigious items, exhibits collected in the field and works by modern and contemporary artists including Pablo Picasso, Gilles Barbier, Pilar Albarracin and Liu Bolin.

In the exhibition's three rooms, you’ll discover contemporary food-related challenges in what can be an occasionally unusual setting: you can take a seat at the dining table in the Élysée, have a chat to a fictitious cow about different diets, watch an extract from l'Aile ou la cuisse…

As the "icing on the cake", the different cultural events linked to the exhibition include an opportunity to visit major banquets, with commentaries by chefs and researchers on topics such as "Prehistoric food" or "Healthy eating", as well as roundtable sessions with experts and narrated sensory-themed visits. All guaranteed to satisfy your appetite… for knowledge!

Scientific officer : Marie Merlin
Exhibition curator : Christophe Lavelle

With the exclusive patronage from Intermarché