A T-Rex in Paris


Come face-to-face with Trix, a spectacular female Tyrannosaurus rex from 67 million years ago who is being shown for the first time in France ! Discovered in 2013 in Montana, USA, Trix is the second most complete T-Rex in the world. The original intact skull makes this specimen particularly remarkable.

June 6 to September 2


Affiche Exposition Un T. rex à Paris © MNHN

This summer, the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle is going back in time and giving its visitors the opportunity to dive into the Cretaceous period, to discover one of it’s greatest preserved symbols. Trix, a female Tyrannosaurus rex who is 67 million years old, 12.5 meters long, 4 meters high, and approximately weighed 8 tons during her life, awaits visitors in the nave of the Galerie de Géologie et de Minéralogie. Since it is the first time a real T-Rex skeleton, not a molding or a reproduction will be presented to the public in France, this is a major event !

This spectacular specimen was discovered in remarkable state, conserved like a master piece, with her entire skull intact. The remains were unearthed in Montana, USA by a Dutch team from the Naturalis Biodiversity Center of Leiden (Netherlands). This specimen is one (of three) of the most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons in the world, with nearly 75% of the bones in excellent form. Her skull, complete and intact, makes this specimen particularly remarkable. In the gallery, the visitor faces the jaws of the carnivore in her attack position ! Traveling all around Europe, Trix is spending her summer vacation in Paris. This exhibition is not to be missed !

The experience also allows the visitor to discover a fossilized skeleton of a Hadrosaur, 8 meters long, who has been in the collection of Muséum for more than a century. This specimen is being shown and presented to the public for the first time. Engaging and interactive modules will facilitate visitors in understanding the paleobiology of the Tyrannosaurus rex (reproduction, growth, movement, diet…).

Bilingual exhibition: English/ French

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