This modern auditorium is located in an important cultural venue, at the heart of the Grande Galerie de l’Évolution, and provides a top class, comfortable working environment.

A highlight in the day - combine an enjoyable day’s work with exploring the collections.
The Muséum provides you with a room fully equipped with projection and public address systems as well as sophisticated audiovisual equipment for you to spend a productive working day in an unusual, convivial environment.

These events can be combined with private or self-guided tours of our temporary and/or permanent exhibitions, and buffets may also be served on-site subject to availability.

The Grande Galerie de l’Évolution Auditorium can host press conferences, symposiums, movie premieres, videoconferences, etc. The equipment provided includes the control room, the public address system, lighting and sophisticated audiovisual equipment (6 m x 3 m screen, projector, microphones, DVD and video players, etc.).

Technical data sheet

Area: 196 m2, including a 42 m2 stage
Capacity: 120 tablet chairs
Screen dimensions: 6 m x 4 m
Price: €3,800 excl. VAT

  • Overhead projectors (1)
  • Computer interface for video projection up to 3 machines (1)
  • Fixed video projector (1)
  • 16 mm cinema projector (1)
  • VHS video playback machine (1)
  • BETACAM video playback machine (1)
  • K7 and CD playback machine (1)
  • HF hand microphones (2)
  • Podium microphones (5)
  • DVD player

Included: dressing rooms, power supply, coffee breaks possible in the foyer.
Not included: Muséum tour, insurance, security and cleaning on Tuesdays (day it is closed to the public).