These galleries were inaugurated in 1898 for the 1900 Paris World Fair and are a glorious example of the metal architecture so dear to Eiffel. Globally speaking, they are one of the oldest testaments to the movement away from the concept of a reserve collection which can be visited towards that of an exhibition. On display here are specimens of great historical and scientific value, such as a large number of dinosaurs, mammoths, the skeleton of Louis XV’s rhinoceros and many more besides.

The venues

The Mezzanine
Invite your guests on a timeless voyage of discovery in these distinctively impressive historical surroundings, ending with a friendly drink on the top floor mezzanine. A spectacularly breathtaking view of the enormous dinosaur skeletons!

The Amphithéâtre
This meeting space seats 70 for your working sessions, with wall panelling and murals by Fernand Common installed in 1897. An amphitheatre full of character, equipped with a video projector, a DVD player and 2 HF microphones. Your welcome coffee can be served in the majestic Gallery hall.

Technical data sheet

Prices in euros excl. VAT

Galerie de Paléontologie et d’Anatomie comparée (150 people): €9,000 excl. VAT

Amphithéâtre de Paléontologie (70 people): €1,800 excl. VAT

Included in the hire price:

  • Electricity subject to power output available
  • Amphitheatre’s audiovisual equipment

The hire price does not include:

  • Technical charges: event organisation, security, cleaning, speakers
  • Insurance costs
  • Hospitality costs