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    This large 1,000 m2 lawn is located on the boundary between the Patagonia and Sahel-Sudan biozones. It is the ideal place to install a temporary structure for staging all kinds of events. Your guests will be able to...

    Article - 26/06/2022

    Parc zoologique de Paris (Paris Zoological Park)

    From the Patagonian pampas to the dry forest of Madagascar, be transformed by the zoo and immerse yourself in the natural environment of the animals.

    Lieu - 25/06/2022

    Jean Rouch Auditorium

    This magnificent auditorium has a warm, contemporary atmosphere and seating for 152 people plus 5 seats for People with Reduced Mobility (PRM). It is perfect for hosting your conferences, symposiums and screenings...

    Article - 25/06/2022

    Collections of the Jardin botanique Val Rahmeh-Menton

    Val Rahmeh is dedicated to acclimatisation: the Museum has been introducing species since 1966. Approximately 1,700 taxa (species, subspecies and varieties) share the site, representing 160 families and 700 genera. Today...

    Collection - 26/06/2022

    Digital accessibility

    The Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle undertakes to make its internet, intranet and extranet websites and its mobile applications accessible in accordance with Article 47 of the French Law no. 2005-102 of 11 February...

    Article - 26/06/2022

    Ménagerie, zoo du Jardin des Plantes (Ménagerie, the Jardin des Plantes Zoo)

    Looking for a change of scenery? Welcome to the Ménagerie, where some 500 animals are the focus of attention. A research centre and conservatory for endangered species, the Jardin des Plantes zoo is a haven of greenery...

    Lieu - 25/06/2022

    Grande Galerie de l’Évolution (Gallery of Evolution)

    They don't speak, but they tell you everything about life. They are the 7,000 specimens in the Grande Galerie de l'Évolution. A mythical place opened in 1994, where modernity meets history and science to tell the story...

    Lieu - 25/06/2022

    Neanderthal, the exhibit

    Discover the Neanderthal man, a major figure in the human adventure.

    Exposition - 26/06/2022