The Fluorescence Microscopy and Digital Imaging Centre (CeMIM) is a technical platform which aims to provide the Muséum’s scientists with efficient data acquisition and analysis systems to perform experiments employing digital optical microscopy techniques which mainly use fluorescence.

Methods which employ photonic microscopy techniques have become essential in the fields of biology. They cover the study of the single cell up to the whole organism. As well as their traditional use in the field of cellular biology, they have conquered new fields of investigation such as molecular biology and cellular biochemistry, enabling the analysis and quantification of live cell molecular dynamics and interactions. These highly specific and non-invasive techniques are extremely sensitive (being able to go as far as detecting single fluophores) and are perfectly compatible with and suited to in vivo studies. They can also be employed in a combined fashion to lead to a genuine mapping of cellular processes, thus reflecting the variations and modulations of local environments in which the cellular organelles are found.

The advances in the chemistry of new fluorescent probes, specifically with the arrival of fluorescent proteins, combined with those made in optoelectronics, IT and signal processing, have, in the past two decades, significantly contributed to improving our understanding and vision of main cellular functions, thereby contributing to the elucidation of the underlying molecular mechanisms.

The platform has two inverted fluorescent microscopes optimised for observing live cells and equiped for 2D/5D acquisition (a confocal microscope and a microscope for deconvolution), as well as computers for processing, visualising and analysing digital images.

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Marc Gèze, coordinator
Tel. +33(0)1 40 79 37 28

Marc Dellinger
Tel. +33(0)1 40 79 35 13

Cyril Willig, technical manager
Tel.: 01 40 79 36 91

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