The Bio-organic Mass Spectrometry technical platform aims to provide expertise in mass spectrometry to understand biodiversity at a molecular level. It has two spectrometers with complementary technologies: a high sensitivity electrospray spectrometer (Qq-TOF) for high-sensitivity analysis and the coupling with high-performance liquid chromatography (LC-MS) and MALDI-TOF.

The staff (a research engineer and a technician) ensure that the equipment works properly, conduct routine analyses and specific analyses for research projects, and are responsible for methodological innovation, managing equipment and reagents and the application of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and safety rules. They work closely with researchers, especially in cross-cutting projects which bring several of the Muséum’s teams together.
The technical platform is operated according to a charter of use. A Scientific Steering Committee examines and issues recommendations on the technical platform’s activities, its management and the projects conducted.

This technical platform is incorporated in the UMR 7245 Communication Molecules and Adaptation of Micro-organisms (CNRS/MNHN)

Analyses of natural and man-made products, peptides and proteins, proteomic analysis, metabolic profiling.

ESI-qQ-TOF (Q-STAR, AB-Sciex), coupled with a HPLC system (micro- or nano-LC, Ultimate 3000, Thermo Scientific)
MALDI-TOF (Voyager DE Pro, AB-Sciex)

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Benjamin Marie, coordinator
Tel. +33(0)1 40 79 32 12

Séverine Zirah, coordinator
Tel. +33(0)1 40 79 31 40

Arul Marie, technical manager
Tel. +33(0)1 40 79 31 46

Lionel Dubost
Tel. +33(0)1 40 79 37 91

Physical address:
Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle
Département Régulation, Développement et Diversité Moléculaire
UMR 7245 Molécules de Communication et Adaptation des Microorganismes (CNRS/MNHN)
63, rue Buffon - CP 54
75005 Paris