The Muséum analytical facility (PAM)

Scientific activities at the Muséum, in addition to its other missions, require analytical instruments hosted in dedicated facilities. They fulfill the needs of the institution research teams and are applied to the large array of scientific topics investigated at the Muséum.

These facilities bring technical and analytical support to scientists at the Muséum, but some of them are also opened to projects from other public institutions or private companies. Facilities complying to the rules defined by the Action Structurelle du Muséum (ASM) "Plateforme analytique" receive recurrent financial support.

The « Action Structurelle du Muséum (ASM) plateforme analytique du Muséum (PAM) »

The Muséum hosts several research divisions holding large analytical capabilities which constitute, in association with the experience and skills of staff members, high quality facilities. Analyses and measurements performed by these facilities are at the basis of the scientific orientations of the research divisions as well as of the whole institution; this is evidenced by numerous publications in top journals.

All these facilities are gathered under the ASM "Plateforme analytique du Muséum" in order to ensure fair management, to highlight their implication in the scientific production of the Muséum and to facilitate their evaluation thanks to a common organization. PAM is also devoted to improve the exposition of the Muséum facilities in order to promote the emergence of innovative projects from scientific teams at the Muséum. These facilities are supported through funding of maintenance contracts, small equipment or repairs.

Each facility is managed by a local panel which selects projects, organizes the analytical schedule and takes care of the technical handling and budget. This panel achieves a technological survey related to its instruments in order to define strategies at mid and long term. If required, this panel is in charge of the instrument upgrade or replacement through applications to local and national calls for funding (calls from the Muséum, région Ile-de-France or CNRS, for instance). This panel provides an annual report presenting the scientific activity and the budget of the facility. The access to each facility relies on internal rules of procedures and a user agreement.

PAM is a branch of the head of research at the Muséum. PAM is transverse across the three scientific departments of the institution.

The analytical facilities

The sixteen analytical facilities of PAM are distributed among four specialties:

  • imaging and morphometry
  • electron and fluorescence microscopy
  • elemental and isotopic analyses
  • molecular chemistry/biochemistry and -omics

More details on instruments and techniques available at the Muséum can be found on the website of each PAM facility.

Imaging and morphometry

Electron and fluorescence microscopy

Elemental and isotopic analyses

Molecular chemistry/biochemistry and -omics

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