Tsingy 2007

The Cafotrop/Energia/Muséum project has three strands corresponding to the three tropical forest field missions in three chosen sites in Gabon, Argentina and Madagascar between 2006 and 2007. The third mission took place in North Madagascar from 30 October to 24 November 2007.

The aim of these missions is to make a taxonomic inventory of Collembola and Heteroptera insects in order to improve ongoing research into local fauna and their relationships with neighbouring faunas, corresponding to the biogeographical borders of Gondwana. A particular effort was made in the Tsingy, an environment for which there is very little faunal data.

The mission took place in three different sites in the north of the island: The Montagne des Français in the region of Diego Suarez is about to become a nature reserve. The Amber Mountain is an ANGAP national park. The Tsingy of the Ankarana Massif. These limestone pinnacles are part of an ANGAP special reserve.