Pondoland 2012

Pondoland 2012 was the second field mission dedicated to collecting insects under the "The survivors of Gondwana" programme. It followed the first Patagonia 2011 mission and came before the SW Australia 2013 mission. It consisted of exploring the Pondoland centre of endemism on the south-east coast of South Africa from 8 November to the 1st December 2012.

This mission is part of a Franco-South African collaboration whose project is an ATBI (All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory) study of local fauna in collaboration with the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) and Sustaining the Wild Coast (SWC).

The Pondoland centre of endemism extends from the south of St Faith to the south of Port St Johns, on the south-east coast of South Africa. The work area is limited to five main sites between Port Edwards and Port St Johns, along the coast:

  • Mtamvuna Nature Reserve, Kwalazulu-Natal province
  • Sigidi community, Eastern Cape province
  • Mkambati Nature Reserve, Easter Cape province
  • Mtentu/Gobodwana forest, Eastern Cape province
  • Silaka Wildlife Reserve, Eastern Cape province