Papua New Guinea 2012-213

From the Bismarck Sea to the foothills of Mount Wilhelm, the Papua New Guinea expedition brought almost 200 researchers, students and volunteers out into the field, between October and December 2012, to unpick the composition of some of the most complex terrestrial and marine ecosystems on the planet.

La Planète Revisitée : départ pour la Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée

Papua New Guinea is located in the Coral Triangle, the planet’s richest source of marine biodiversity, and its forests are some of the most abundant in the world in terms of diversity of plant species. Over three months, more than 200 people explored its ecosystems, from the bottom of the Bismarck Sea to the summit of Mount Wilhelm, its highest peak.

Assisted by Papuan para-ecologists, researchers, technicians, amateur naturalists and students from 21 countries collected as many specimens and as much data as they could. This huge inventory will document the region’s species, many of which are still unknown, and will attempt to answer a fundamental question - how many living species inhabit our planet?