Nouragues 2009

The scientific objective of this mission was to draw up a preliminary inventory of Collembola and Heteroptera insects in the Nouragues Nature Reserve.

This inventory forms part of the Cafotrop missions dedicated mainly to biodiversity hotspots as defined by Meyer et al. (2000). These inventories are intended to be developed like those such as the Rapid Assessement Programs (RAP), and used to reassess these hotspots. They are also used to inform the challenges relating to the study of evolution as they are developed within the Origin, Structure and Evolution of Biodiversity UMR 7205 CNRS, at the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle.

In an educational frame, six young people from the town of Saint Ménehould have joined this Cafotrop mission in order to become acquainted with and initiated in inventory work, inherent to the understanding of biodiversity, among other things through the use of Tree-Climbing techniques to reach the canopy. The young people will be supervised by the Cafotrop scientific team and two sports instructors from Saint Ménehould. They have taken part in the scientific team’s work in the field and will participate in the initial laboratory work on returning from the mission.