Mozambique-Madagascar 2009-2010

Between April 2009 and June 2010, Mozambique and Madagascar hosted a series of expeditions on sea and land. Led by Professor Philippe Bouchet, from the French Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, and Olivier Pascal, from Pro-Natura International, these expeditions aimed to develop existing knowledge of biodiversity in regions which are considered to be the richest in species, but also not as well known and the most threatened on the planet.

Mozambique and Madagascar are home to an exceptionally rich flora and fauna which is still largely unknown, despite the attention given to Madagascar by nature protection organisations over a number of years. Therefore it is natural that these two large countries should be strategically targeted by scientists.

Two sites identified as priority areas were therefore explored.


  • November-December 2009

Land expedition in the dry forests of Northern Mozambique.
Objective: To explore and describe terrestrial fauna and flora (insects, small mammals, plants…)

Madagascar :

  • April 2009

Marine expedition to the shrimp beds on board the oceanography vessel Vizconde de Eza.
Objective: To sample the deep aquatic fauna of the Mozambique Channel

  • June-July 2009

Exploration on board the shrimp trawler Miriky
Objective: To sample the sea bed between 100 and 1,000 m depth in the North Mozambique Channel

  • April-June 2010

Atimo Vatae marine expedition in the cold water at the extreme South of Madagascar (Fort Dauphin region)
Objective: To explore and describe marine fauna and flora (mollusca, fish, algae…)