Gabon 2006

The aim of the Cafotrop/Energia project was to make an inventory of bugs (Heteroptera) and springtails of the floor, undergrowth and canopy of tropical forests in three previously selected sites in Gabon, Argentina and Madagascar between late 2006 and early 2008.

The first step of the project consisted of a field mission in the Ipassa Makokou CENAREST/IRET reserve in Gabon. This mission took place between 13 September and 2 October 2006 (19 days). It took place in collaboration with L. Ngok Banak, director of the Tropical Ecology Research Institute, an institute on which the Ipassa research station depends. The aim of this initial mission was restricted to the inventory of undergrowth and canopy bugs.

The Ipassa nature reserve was created in 2002 and is situated along the shores of the River Ivindo between Makokou and Ovan in north-east Gabon, almost on the equator (0° 31’N), in the Ivindo National Park (3,000 km2), in the heart of a tropical rainforest which has been protected since 1971. Its reception facilities were recently refurbished by the European CIFOR programme.