Launched in September 2011, the LabEx BCDiv (Biological and Cultural Diversities: Origins, Evolution, Interactions, Future) represents 60% of the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle’s research capacity and 10% of that of the CNRS InEE. Over 500 people (researchers, teacher-researchers, engineers, etc.) from 11 UMR and 2 UMS of the Muséum are involved in this project.

The LabEx BCDiv is one of the winners of the "Laboratories of Excellence" call for projects of the Investing for the Future programme. It offers an interdisciplinary approach to interactions past and present between societies and biodiversity, founded on human, social, biological and historical sciences. It derives its originality and strength from the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle’s collections and databases as well as its unique expertise in the description and comparison of objects and patrons of diversity.

BCDiv explores 3 inter-related systems:

  • the diversity of man and the behaviour of his societies
  • biological diversity, from the organ to communities and ecosystems
  • the diversity and complexity of the interactions between biological and socio-cultural systems

BCDiv explores these fields throughout the Planet’s history, from the origins of proterozoic biodiversity to the emergence of Man and globalisation.

Over 10 years the work is organised into:

  • 8 research programmes
  • 3 valorisation programmes
  • 1 education and training programme

The expected benefits are:

  • support for the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle’s recent projects in order to enhance its collective effectiveness for the benefit of society and its dominant international position in its field of expertise
  • the development of the specific qualities of the Muséum’s UMR: taxonomy and systematics, conservation sciences, environmental anthropology, long-term historic approaches, all based on irreplaceable collections and on unique inventory and tracking database systems
  • the fostering of the convergence of technical knowledge and disciplinary expertise within the Muséum-InEE UMRs
  • the creation of conditions for a reflection and a conceptual construction shared by the UMRs involved

BCDiv finances, by project, PhD and post-PhD contracts, visits by guest professors, additional equipment and equipment maintenance, major inventory missions and scientific meetings.

Midway through, the LabEx BCDiv has initiated over 50 projects which has involved recruiting: 18 masters students, 13 PhD students, 15 post-PhD researchers, 2 engineers and 2 guest professors. They have produced 40 articles and 58 presentations at scientific meetings. Furthermore, BCDiv has financed 19 inventory missions. All of these projects are described on the BCDiv website.

Labex BCDiv website

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