Provisions in force at the Muséum

The Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle is a scientific, cultural and professional public institution (EPSCP) and subject to different regulations whether or not the purchases of supplies, services and works are for conducting research activities.

Beyond the threshold of formal procedures, it is the responsibility of each contracting authority to determine the procurement rules applicable within its organisation, whilst complying with the principles of public procurement, which are:

  • free access to public procurement
  • equal treatment of candidates
  • procedural transparency

In 2016, the main strands of the Muséum’s procurement policy will be:

  • to meet the needs of the contract user services
  • to make purchases in accordance with public procurement law
  • to get the best deal possible
  • to take environmental requirements into account
  • to promote social inclusion
  • to facilitate the widest possible access of small and medium-sized enterprises to the Muséum’s procurement contracts
  • to facilitate the pooling of purchases with other public organisations