The animals are back at the Parc Zoologique de Paris! After a complete renovation, the Parc Zoologique de Paris or "Zoo de Vincennes", a major work site of the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, opened its doors in spring 2014.

Sponsor an animal
The Parc Zoologique takes part in many international species conservation programmes: its scientific teams (veterinarians, biologist ethologists, etc.) are committed to studying and protecting animals in danger, not only in the Parc Zoologique, but also in their country of origin.
Scientific research activities (study of the animal species and its habitat, population management, fight against infectious diseases, etc.), and collaboration efforts with local populations (in schools and villages, among farmers, public authorities, etc.) are therefore carried out with your help.

Why sponsor an animal?
Today, the Parc Zoologique de Paris needs your support so it can take things even further: now you can sponsor the animal of your choice and help to protect an endangered species!
Thanks to your donation, you’ll be contributing to the well-being of the animals at the Zoo (veterinary equipment or enclosures, animal food, environmental enrichment programmes, various expenses) or the protection of endangered species in their native habitats (on-site conservation programmes).

Girafes de l'Ouest - Parc Zoologique de Paris © MNHN - François Grandin

Girafes de l'Ouest - Parc Zoologique de Paris © MNHN - François Grandin, par François Grandin

How do I donate?
To find out more about the animals you can sponsor, the various sponsorship options and the advantages offered to sponsors, head to the Parc Zoologique de Paris website (in French).