The Muséum wishes to thank the donors who have enabled the restoration of this building, so emblematic of the Ménagerie, the zoo at the Jardin des Plantes.

Thanks to the generosity of 482 donors, the call for donations launched in partnership with the Fondation du Patrimoine (heritage foundation) and that closed on 31 December 2017 raised 86,000 euros for the restoration of the cabin-like shelter that houses the Przewalski horses.

The Muséum extends its warmest thanks for the support of these donors who have made it possible to save a listed historical monument and a piece of French heritage.

List of donors

Sauvez la Fabrique des chevaux de Przewalski à la Ménagerie, zoo du Jardin des Plantes

Save the Przewalski horse shelter at the Ménagerie, the zoo at the Jardin des Plantes

Built in 1890 in the shape of a cross, the Przewalski horse shelter is a cabin-like structure made of cobb, logs and other wood. It is home to Przewalksi horses, which are listed by the IUCN as endangered and are the object of successful programmes for conservation and reintroduction to the wild, to which the Muséum contributes actively.

The structure’s renovation had become urgent. The choice of materials at the time, colonization by vegetation and weather had gradually taken their toll on the whole shelter. The restoration works began in June 2018 and should continue into the fall to give the Przewalski horse shelter a second youth.