Through sponsorship in the form of money, donations in kind (for example by donating a collection specimen) or skills (making company staff available free of charge), your company is supporting an institution that is the custodian of a unique heritage and is heir to a very important scientific legacy.

Supporting the Muséum also entitles you to many advantages.

Your company will benefit from a corporation tax deduction equal to 60% of your donation amount, up to 0.5% of your turnover, which can be carried over 5 tax years (under the sponsorship law of 1st August 2013).

In return, you can also enjoy benefits worth up to 25% of your donation amount:

  • high visibility for the company among a national and international audience (mention of the sponsorship on communication materials, association with the project communication campaign);
  • prestigious public relations events in the reception areas of the Muséum, Jardin des Plantes, Parc Zoologique de Paris and Musée de l’Homme;
  • an opportunity to promote corporate culture internally, in particular by setting up special schemes for employees (invitations to openings, free admission, guided tours, etc.);
  • building a meaningful, personalised relationship with the Muséum and its experts.

By making a commitment to supporting the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle:

  • you associate your image with that of a leading institution for the study and conservation of biological and geological diversity, and Mankind’s relationship with his environment;
  • you contribute to the missions of a prestigious institution, which boasts 12 sites all over France;
  • you support one of France’s oldest scientific establishments, whose origins date back to the creation of the Jardin Royal des plantes médicinales (Royal Garden of medicinal plants) by Louis XIII in 1635.