Outdoor spaces of the Jardin des Plantes

This magnificent 26 hectare botanical garden is right in the heart of Paris and its galleries, gardens, greenhouses and large amphitheatre provide a stunning backdrop for your events.

The gardens

The French Garden: from the Place Valhubert to the Esplanade Milne Edwards
Five hectares of lush greenery in the heart of Paris! This formal French-style garden and its unique perspective, with the Gallery of Evolution as a backdrop, is THE venue for a magnificent outdoor evening function. It offers a wide range of options and its spaces can accommodate different types of events.

The Garden aisles (Carrés)
The Georges Ville and Guy de la Brosse aisles in the centre of the Perspective provide 2 areas, each around 600 m2. Temporary structures can be put up there. Your guests will be able to admire the lovely flowerbeds during their cocktail party or dinner.

The Esplanade Milne Edwards
This superb space in front of the Gallery of Evolution is around 3,000 m2 and can accommodate up to 3 000 people for a cocktail party. The Esplanade Milne Edwards is ideally located and can accomodate concerts, fashion shows, dinners...

The Summer Garden (Jardin d’été) and Greenhouses (Grandes Serres)
The lawn running alongside the Tropical Greenhouse is around 1,200 m2 and can accommodate a temporary structure for receptions. In the evening, when the Grandes Serres are closed to the public, your guests will be able to get away from it all and discover the fabulous plant collections inside them.

The Cuvier aisle (Allée Cuvier)
This private green oasis measures 2,500 m² and is 6 - 8 m in height (depending on how the trees have been pruned!). A timeless venue far away from the city, which can accommodate temporary structures for fashion shows, showrooms, dinners and cocktail parties.

The Square
When holding a convention at the Verniquet lecture theatre, why not organise your lunchtime or evening cocktail party under a temporary structure? The 400 m2 area allows you to comfortably entertain your 315 guests in a lovely wooded setting just a stone’s throw from the amphitheatre. Ideal for seminars.

Jardin des Plantes - Esplanade Milne Edwards

© MNHN - A. Truchelut

Jardin des Plantes - Défilé sur l'Esplanade Milne Edwards

© MNHN - C. Parapetto

Jardin des Plantes - Concert sur l'Esplanade Milne Edwards

© MNHN - E. Brudy

Jardin des Plantes - Défilé au Jardin d'Été

© MNHN - C. Parapetto

Jardin des Plantes - Structure temporaire au Jardin d’été

© M. Cohen

Jardin des Plantes - Installation d'une structure temporaire dans le square

© MNHN - E. Brudy

Jardin des Plantes - Allée Cuvier

© M. Cohen

Technical data sheet

In order to satisfy your requirements as effectively as possible, on a case by case basis, please contact us directly.

Prices in €/day starting at (excl. VAT) :

  • Esplanade Milne Edwards : 15 000 € HT
  • Garden aisles (Carrés) : 10 000 € HT
  • Summer garden (Jardin d’Été) : 15 000 € HT
  • Cuvier Aisle (Allée Cuvier) : 12 000 € HT
  • Square : 5 000 € HT

For a magnificent and glamorous evening event, we offer a flat rate of €45,000 excl. VAT for the 5 hectare Jardins de la Perspective, where you can entertain 3,000 people.

The hire price does not include:

  • Technical costs: technical management, security, cleanup
  • Insurance costs
  • Costs of area occupancy for the time taken to install and dismantle structures
  • Reception costs (catering, tent, decorating, etc.)

Please note:
Any installation of a temporary structure is subject to registration with the Prefecture carried out by the Muséum. The application must be sent 2 months before the event. Procedures for hiring outdoor venues and more detailed cost estimates upon request.

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