The Neuroptera are insects that vary greatly in size, from a few millimetres to over 10 centimetres. Their diet consists mainly of other insects. Their wings are generally heavily veined, hence their name.


The Neuroptera collection is very extensive: all the families in the world are represented, in particular Ascalphidae, Chrysopidae and Myrmeleontidae. This collection includes numerous types, mainly due to the work of Navas, a 20th-century Catalan Spanish entomologist.


The collections were first assembled in the 19th century, when they were displayed by Rambur; in the early 20th century, greatly increased it by describing a great number of species. These collections are used for research in phylogeny, taxonomy and biogeography of this order, performed by amator and professional researchers from France and abroad.


As there is currently no research on this order taking place at the Muséum, this collection is managed by a retired searcher and volunteer (J. Legrand). The main activity surrounding this collection consists in welcoming scientists who are working on phylogeny, taxonomy and biogeography.

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