Grandes serres du Jardin des Plantes

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Nature shows its creativity... From primitive aquatic plants that have conquered the earth to desert-resistant plants. Go deep into the heart of a fabulously vital flora in the large greenhouses. Back to the beginning... of Man!

Vidéo aérienne de la Serre des forêts tropicales humides du Jardin des Plantes tournée depuis un drone

© Adronalineprod

Nature often shifts

One enters almost respectfully through an art deco peristyle reminiscent of a cathedral. And for good reason... the tropical rainforests, which are the focus of the first greenhouse, are sanctuaries of biodiversity, where a single hectare can be home to several hundred species of trees. From Africa, America and even South-East Asia, the plants form a sublime jungle. Walk between banana trees, lianas, ferns and orchids, climb the rock to enjoy the panorama of the greenhouse, discover the adaptations and functions of plant species.

Fertile imagination

In the long, adjoining gallery, the heat is that of deserts and arid environments (United States, Mexico, Sahara, Australia...). For the flora, this is the time to be creative! In order to withstand the dryness, everything is possible: burying themselves like rock plants, storing water in tissues like cacti, going dormant in seeds during dry periods... This necessity also creates strange silhouettes - like the ball, perfect for saving water -, sometimes covered with spines or hair. Some plants are even fire-resistant!

Photo d'un cactus vu de très près

Serre des déserts et milieux arides - Jardin des Plantes

© MNHN - F.-G. Grandin

A natural Eldorado

Next stop: New Caledonia! This archipelago in Oceania deserved a dedicated greenhouse. In these lands, which have long been isolated, plants have become extremely specialised: 76% of the species exist nowhere else! This specificity is a source of delight for scientists...and visitors to the Museum. The greenhouse presents this flora in all its diversity, through five environments: the rain forest, the dry forest, the mining maquis, the savannah and the mangrove. This is an opportunity to admire majestic local tree ferns or endemic species that have become rare in the wild.

Our friends the plants

All these buildings, classified as historic monuments, were renovated between 2005 and 2010, during an unprecedented project. The aim? To restore their original appearance and preserve their magic, while modernising their operation. Four greenhouses are now open to the public, instead of two. Thanks to redesigned staging, they convey an essential message: no human life without flora. But we must preserve all the plant diversity. Easier said than done? Every journey begins with a first step. Take that step...

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