With its collection of 770,000 precious specimens that recount the history of Earth and our solar system, the Gallery of Mineralogy and Geology provides an outstanding venue for your special events. Pass beneath the columned portico as the neoclassic style gallery opens its doors to your guests.

The Nave Hall (Grande Nef)

Behind a splendid rose garden, the long central hall of the neoclassical gallery is a jewel in itself, ideally suited for exclusive cocktail parties and dinners, outside visitor hours. It also provides a prestigious setting for fashion shows, tradeshows and showrooms.

Exceptional visiting conditions will delight your guests as they explore the heart of mineralogy, with or without a guide. Hundreds of minerals and twenty giant crystals are sure to arouse their curiosity.


Area: 600 m², 6m x 100m
Capacity : 240 for a sit-down dinner, 500 for a cocktail party, 500 for fashion shows (staff included)

Prices :

Nave Hall

  • Tuesdays: all day and evenings (closing day): 12,000 € (excl. VAT) + technical costs
  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday all day and evenings: 10,000 € (excl. VAT) + technical costs

Exclusive tour of permanent exhibition (2 hours, up to 200 people, by groups of 50):  4,000 € (excl. VAT) + technical costs

Technical costs

The hire price does not include:

  • Technical costs: technical management, security, cleanup
  • Insurance costs
  • Costs of area occupancy for the time taken to install and dismantle 
  • Reception costs (catering, decorating, etc.)
  • Guides