Scientific Publications of the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle

Since 1802, the Muséum has been releasing scientific publications in the field of Natural Sciences and Human Sciences.

The Scientific Publications publish original research work that promotes the establishment’s collections and/or research and expertise in its fields of competence. The Scientific Publications include periodicals, collections of works and monographs, books outside of the collection, as well as titles published jointly with other major establishments.

The Scientific Publications Service is responsible for the assessment and technical monitoring of projects; it takes care of the distribution, storage and sale of the works. Each title or collection is placed under the scientific authority of an editor who, as with any professional scientific publication, consults with specialist advisors while a publication secretary is responsible for technical matters.

The productions of the Service are covered by indexing organisations, in particular the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI Thomas Reuter). Periodicals are thus assigned an impact factor. The periodical articles are available as soon as they are published, free of charge on the Muséum’s website.

As well as identifying the author (inventor) of a discovery, the publications are a way of communicating research findings to the entire national and international scientific community. The intellectual influence of a research establishment and the evaluation of its researchers’ work are partly based on its publications.

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