Education and Society

Transmitting knowledge and raising awareness of biodiversity is one of the key missions of the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle.

Since its creation, the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle has sought to transmit its natural history knowledge to citizens. Today, it plays a key role in raising awareness as widely as possible of the fragility of nature and of the need to preserve it in order to guarantee the future of humanity. The Muséum works to make knowledge about nature available to all through conferences, workshops, projections, debates, exhibitions and participative science programmes. To spread the word, the Muséum uses specimens from its collections as ambassadors of knowledge, presented to please the eye and teach children and adults alike. The Muséum is aimed at everyone: enlightened amateurs, families, disabled people, etc. While its primary goal is to make science attractive and accessible to all, it also aims to enable visitors to become actors in decisions concerning biodiversity.

To help the Muséum in this key mission, the Muséum pour la Planète endowment fund seeks to support the deployment of actions aimed at audiences that are generally prevented from accessing scientific culture, whether they cannot travel or live far from the sites, notably those in hospital and prison settings and isolated rural areas. The Fund supports the development of knowledge dissemination tools such as light exhibitions in innovative formats, conceived as a means of facilitating exchange and discussions in the context of interventions proposed by welcoming teams that have been trained by professionals from the Muséum.

The endowment fund also supports educational actions in schools, notably by funding Vigie-Nature École, the participative science programme aimed at primary and secondary school pupils. This makes it possible to raise these pupils’ awareness of the need to observe and preserve biodiversity while providing a large amount of scientific data for the Muséum to feed into its research.

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