Since its creation, the Muséum has been committed to sharing ecological knowledge. Today it plays a key role, that of making everyone aware of the fragility of Nature and the need to preserve it. A crucial topic for the future of mankind.

Straight from the laboratories and reserve collections
Bringing knowledge about nature within everyone’s reach…yes, but how?
Behind the topics is scientific research. Whether they are giving a lecture or curating exhibitions, the Muséum’s researchers share their latest discoveries and results with the public.
The Muséum uses the magnificent specimens in its collections to get the message across. Evidence of nature past and present, they are ambassadors of knowledge, put on show for all ages to admire and learn from.

A different specialism for every site
12 sites, including 8 places to visit in the Jardin des Plantes alone, its historic site:

  • the galleries and Muséums provide permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as scientific and cultural outreach activities, such as tours, workshops and events
  • the botanical gardens, zoos and greenhouses display collections of plants and animals from all over the world and also offer a variety of complementary activities
  • the amphitheatres, halls and auditorium provide the venues for free lectures, debates, films and other gatherings
  • the libraries and websites provide access to a unique documentary collection and a variety of resources

Getting the message across
A whole host of outreach activities is organised for every type of audience, including events, workshops, guided tours, lectures, shows, screenings and debates… They are aimed at informed enthusiasts, families and the disabled alike. They draw on the Muséum’s collections and the extensive expertise of scientists, museologists, taxidermists, collection curators and outreach assistants.
Although the primary aim is to make science more attractive and accessible to everyone, the ultimate goal is for visitors to leave wanting to find out more and to be in charge of their own decisions.

Key figures

Nearly 8 million visitors a year at the Jardin des Plantes, including 2 million at all the sites which charge.
Between 10 and 15% of Jardin des Plantes visitors are school groups