The Herbarium of the National Botanical Conservatory of Pyrenees and Midi-Pyrenees is referenced internationally (BBF)

At the beginning, it was the collection of the Natural History Museum of Bagnères-de-Bigorre, delivered by the City to the CBN which has greatly enriched it through donations from private collections and deposits of public collections. It gathers patrimonial and scientific, historic and modern collections, collected from 1780 (Ramond Herbarium) to nowadays (CBN Herbarium). We underlight especially the interest in the Ramond de Carbonnières Herbaria (1755-1827), naturalist and politician precursor of Pyrenism, in the shepherd-botanist of the Ossau valley, Pierrine Gaston-Sacaze (1797-1893), in Pierre Le Brun (1894-1970), witness of the rare and threatened flora of France, and in Jean Vivant, (1923-2010) particularly noteworthy for the Western Pyrenees and its foothills, hosted in partnership with the South-Atlantic CBN.

Geographically, the interest of the BBF Herbarium collections widely exceeds the approval territory of the CBN because several collections incorporate the entire metropolitan France (Le Brun, Bosc and Vivant).

Collections are still in a digitization and counting process, according to available means and needs for the activity of inventory and conservation of the CBN. They are used notably for the permanent inventory of protected, rare and threatened flora. The exploitation of ancient sources, bibliography and herbaria, is indeed a crucial step to prepare field prospecting that allow to find and describe populations already reported.

The BBF Herbarium is available to researchers. It has been consulted several times by Iberian “florists” for works on the flora of the peninsula (publication of Flora iberica). The genetic study of a rare sample of Naufraga balearica Constance & Cannon has recently shed light on the question on the native status of this specie in Corsica.

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Gilles Corriol
Gerard Largier