The National Botanical Conservatory of Bailleul (CBNBL) provides the preservation of several thousand of sheets organized in two large groups:
- The General Herbarium of CBNBL. As National Botanical Center, CBNBL ensures the patrimonial preservation of these documents.
- The reference herbarium of the CBNBL approval territory. From its operational missions of preservation and knowledge distribution related to plants on its approval territory, CBNBL provides the management of relative herbarium at Nord Pas de Calais - Picardie and Haute-Normandie territories.

The General Herbarium of CBNBL

CBNBL has a rich General Herbarium which is about 80,000 sheets (in possession, legacies or in deposit). It’s saved in the herbariorum index (global directory of the herbaria under the code BAIL). The material, from very different geographical origin (Europe and North Africa), arises from several collections of french botanists.

  • J.-M. GÉHU Collection (Bailleul, 20th century): about 21,000 sheets (included the legacy of ACOLAS, Besançon).
  • H. GYSPERGER Collection (Mulhouse, 19th century): about 15,500 sheets.
  • LEVENT Collection (Reims, early 19th century): about 17,000 sheets.
  • R. NÈGRE Collection (Marseille, 20th century): about 9,000 sheets (Herbarium of France + North Africa Herbarium).
  • M. HOCQUETTE Collection (Lille, late 19th - early 20th century): about 4,250 sheets.
  • DURIN Collection (Le Cateau-Cambrésis, 20th century): about 3,400 sheets.
  • J. CUSSAC Collection (North of France, 19th century): about 2,600 sheets. It’s a deposit of the University of Lille1.
  • M.BON Collection (Picardie, 20th century): about 2,300 sheets.
  • Other minor collections: ALLAYS [Cassel (North), 1940], FOURCADE (Pyrenees, 19th century), HOUILLON (Arras, 20th century).

To these collections is added cryptogamic material (mosses, lichens) that has not been counted to this day. All Pteridophytes (ferns) and Gymnosperms (conifers) from the General Herbarium is restored, classified and counted. The other groups are still in an inventorying process.

Priority is given to the inventory of the vegetal material collected in the approval territory of CBNBL.

The approval territory reference herbarium of CBNBL

It’s a herbarium of more smaller size that the General Herbarium, restricted to the wild vascular flora and to approval territory bryophytes (Nord Pas de Calais - Picardie and Haute-Normandie).

The material major part of this herbarium is collected since 1995. For the most threatened species, sampling have been performed on the collections of the conservatory Garden or the medicinal plants Garden of CBNBL or sometimes in regions where the plant is abundant and not threatened.

The reference herbarium forms a very operational tool to help for the determination of vascular plants of our region and a interesting support for formations in botany.

Conditions of access to the herbarium

Consultation in situ of the General Herbarium is possible by appointment. Loan of plants material (limited amount) for a maximum period of one year is practicable on reasoned request (works on taxonomic revisions…). Consultation of the reference herbarium is possible by appointment. It’s free. A binocular is available.

National Botanical Conservatory of Bailleul