Cabinet de réalité virtuelle (Cabinet of Virtual Reality)

Open all year round

Travel to the heart of evolution or explore the Arctic seabed in Paris, it's possible! Experience a unique moment in the Museum's permanent room dedicated to virtual reality.

Le Cabinet de Réalité Virtuelle est situé au 3e étage de la Grande Galerie de l'Évolution (Jardin des Plantes de Paris). Vous y découvrirez en 3D l’arbre du vivant et 460 espèces emblématiques qui l’illustrent, interrogerez leurs relations de parenté, et remonterez à l’origine de la vie sur Terre à travers LUCA, ancêtre commun à tous les êtres vivants.

© MNHN - F. Dubos

This is a first for a French museum. Enjoy it! The virtual immersion experience awaits you on the third floor of the Gallery of Evolution. Your ticket allows you to test one of the two options offered. Here is a brief overview of each of them.

Cabinet de Réalité Virtuelle - Grande Galerie de l’Évolution

© MNHN - A. Iatzoura

Your choice

Journey to the Heart of Evolution invites you to explore the tree of life and understand its classification: quite a schedule ahead! You will discover more than 450 iconic species, both existing and fossil, find out about the relationships between them and go back to the origin of life, 3.5 billion years ago. In the background, the determining influence of man on his environment.

Virtual Arctic Expedition offers a 15-minute journey on board a submarine. Here you are in the Arctic, 20 metres below sea level in 1950, and then teleported to the same place 150 years later. Meet whales, belugas, orcas and giant jellyfish. See what is happening in this environment today.

Dessin scientifique du poulpe commun visible dans l'arbre du vivant.

Dessin scientifique du poulpe commun (Octopus vulgaris) visible dans l'arbre du vivant.

© C. Dégardin
Dessin scientifique d'un spécimen de Cœlacanthe

Dessin scientifique d'un Cœlacanthe (Latimeria chalumnae), visible dans l'arbre du vivant.

© C. Dégardin
Dessin scientifique du nautile, spécimen de mollusque marin

Dessin scientifique d'un nautile (Nautilus pompilius) visible dans l'arbre du vivant.

© C. Dégardin
Dessin scientifique d'un koala

Dessin scientifique d'un koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) visible dans l'arbre du vivant.

© C. Dégardin

From start to finish

This unique virtual experience is complete, from the waiting area where a guide will welcome you, through to the exit. As soon as you enter, the atmosphere is warm, the room is bathed in amber light, the mosaic ceiling sparkles. The scene is set! Two facilitators introduce you to the use of the helmet and the controllers, then help you to get equipped. They will accompany you until you return to reality. The good news is that the room has five stations, each equipped with an HTC virtual reality device. So five people can experience it simultaneously. And a sixth participant can follow it on a video screen.

With this use of digital technology as an educational tool for scientific knowledge, the Museum offers you a journey of emotion and discovery. Don't miss it!

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