Allocate your apprenticeship tax to us

Invest in the future! Contribute to providing quality professional teaching in the “Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution” Master’s programme offered by the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle.

The central role of the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, a scientific, cultural and professional public institution, is to discover, understand, reveal and preserve natural and cultural diversity and understand the evolution of our planet. The Muséum has been adding to our knowledge of natural diversity for several centuries, and one of its core public service activities is to teach students.

Teaching in line with business needs

Before doctoral school, the “Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution” Master’s programme, built in partnership with  French, European and international universities, prepares its students for tomorrow’s workplace in the subjects of ecology, heritage, evolution of the living world and sustainable development. Our graduates are an asset to any business seeking to recruit highly qualified staff with both a theoretical background and field experience.

Discover our 7 courses and the profiles of our graduates.

Your support will help the Muséum to:

  • increase the number of professionals contributing to the teaching programme;
  • develop field experiences and placements;
  • acquire cutting-edge equipment for the students;
  • encourage international mobility.

All businesses must allocate their apprenticeship tax through a collecting body.

You can choose one or several establishments as the beneficiaries of your apprenticeship tax. The Muséum is accredited to receive apprenticeship tax out-of-quota (23% of the tax), under the B category* corresponding to a level of higher education Bac + 3/Bac+5 (3-5 years of undergraduate/graduate study) (35 % of the out-of-quota).

* Businesses for whom the gross sum of the apprenticeship tax does not exceed €415 are exempt from following the category scale apportionment (A/B).

How to do this?

To inform us of your intention to pay:

Your contact person:

Julie Castiglione
DGDR - Direction du Développement
57 rue Cuvier
75231 Paris Cedex 05

+33 1 40 79 54 10
julie.castiglione [@]

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